The ‘We’re not Stumped’ Podcast

Listen as Mike interviews other amputees, family members of amputees plus people in the prosthetic / support fields. These interviews are both fun and educational and nothing will be held back – no questions are off limits! Please reach out to Mike at if you would like to be considered as a quest.

Episode Zero

This is the introduction to the “We’re not Stumped” amputee podcast. In this episode, I talk about the vision of the podcast and share a bit about my life story as a congenital amputee. But most important, I share my contact information and ask others in the amputee community – be it a person with limb loss, a family member or a person in the support community to reach out to share their story. My email address is

Episode One

In the first episode of the We’re Not Stumped podcast, I’m very honored to have Nicole Kelly as a guest. Like me, Nicole is an congenital amputee of an upper extremity. Nicole was Miss Iowa 2013 and competed in the Miss America Contest in 2014 and she talks about that experience in this podcast. Nicole was also featured on the The Today Show as well as countless other shows and platforms. She has a masters degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University and and has proudly spoken at hundreds of K-12 schools and given educational lectures at universities across the country. Nicole has spoken at corporations including Google, Microsoft, Allstate, and Riot Games. She now works for Coapt, the maker of Complete Control advanced pattern recognition myoelectric control technology for upper limb prosthetics. In this video she will demonstrate her incredible prosthetic made possible by the great team at Coapt.

Episode Two

In this episode of the we’re not stumped podcast, I’m extremely happy to have Jeff Soelberg as my guest. I first saw Jeff at the Amputee Coalition annual event in Desert Springs where he conducted a session that was titled “Bringing Awareness of the Struggles for Finger Amputees”. One of the things I learned during his session was that most insurance companies consider fingers cosmetic items that don’t need prosthetics. As I later got to know Jeff a bit more, it came as no surprise that he was putting on a session at the conference because giving back is something he has now done for many years. Listen as I talk to Jeff about his story, his giving back and what’s next with his foundation.

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