Mike Bolland Speaking Testimonials

“Mike Bolland made a lasting impact at our 2019 employee conference, and I highly recommend him as a speaker. His ability to effortlessly connect with employees through personal anecdotes and relatable storytelling fostered a sense of unity and empowerment among the audience. Mike’s knowledge of our product, coupled with his delightful sense of humor, captivated everyone in attendance. The perfect blend of humor and valuable insights created a memorable experience for all. Mike’s invaluable contribution to our conference showcases his ability to elevate any corporate event. I highly recommend him as a speaker who can engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.”

David Van Brocklin
Vice President, North America Customer Success at InMoment

Absolutely delightful. Mike was humorous, engaging, and went above and beyond for our event. Numerous comments from staff that felt touched by the stories he shared, laughed, smiled, thought about work, life and others in a different light. Look forward to working with Mike again in the future.

Tom Edwards
Quality, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Cirba Solutions

What services does Mike offer?


Corporate, Church

Mike Bolland’s standard corporate comedy set is known for its cleanliness, making it suitable for a wide range of audiences. Depending on the requirements, his set can range from five to twenty minutes in duration. What sets Mike apart is his personalized approach, tailoring his sets to match the organization and ensuring a more enjoyable experience for the audience. To achieve this, Mike actively collaborates with event organizers, preferably through face-to-face meetings or web conferences when in-person meetings are not feasible. He values understanding the context and any relevant personal stories to incorporate into his performance. It’s important to note that Mike maintains the right of first refusal regarding the content of his set.

As a comedian, Mike emphasizes humor without resorting to derogatory or offensive targeting of individuals or groups. While he enjoys lighthearted jesting, he refrains from taking cheap shots. If you’re looking for a comedian who can entertain without crossing boundaries, Mike is the perfect choice. He invites those interested to reach out through the Contact Mike page to schedule a conversation and discuss further details.


Corporate, Church

Mike’s latest talk, “Life lessons from amputees that everyone can benefit from” has been a huge hit with audiences.  In this talk, Mike uses his experience as a person who has lived his entire life without a right hand. He couples his knowledge with what he has learned from his guests on his popular “We’re not Stumped podcast. The results are easily relatable and positive in nature – and will have the people at your event thanking you for inviting Mike.

In all, Mike has left a trail of laughter and inspiration at prestigious events. At the Center for Services Leadership at the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, his humor livened up discussions on business strategies. The Forrester Customer Experience Council witnessed his engaging talks, enlightening professionals about the power of customer-centricity, in particular, how to set up a Customer Advisory Board. Meanwhile, InMoment Success Services attendees were treated to Mike’s insightful yet hilarious anecdotes, motivating them to create exceptional experiences. With his unique ability to entertain and educate, Mike continues to make waves in the business world, leaving a lasting impact on audiences from nonprofit events to renowned industry councils.

Kids Events

As a parent, Mike Bolland always volunteered his time to assist in his children’s classrooms. However, his unique characteristic as “the Dad with one hand” often caught the attention of the students, diverting their focus from the teacher. Realizing this, Mike approached the teacher and requested a few minutes to engage with the kids directly. The teacher kindly granted his request, and the Q&A session turned out to be a resounding success. The positive response was so overwhelming that Mike received invitations to address other classes and schools, sharing his experiences and inspiring young minds along the way.

It’s very interactive and generally takes between 30 to 40 minutes. Interested?  Please contact Mike.