About Me

Early Life

I was born in Montclair, New Jersey and spent my early years in beautiful Hazlet, NJ. There I attended Beers Street School. Fitting for a guy who would later develop a “Two Fisted Drinker” beer mug (more on that later).  Our family moved to Arizona by the time I was eight years old.

Within months of moving to Arizona, I was selected to play the part of Danny in the movie “The Trial of Billy Jack“. I thought “I love this Arizona! You get to be in movies…” But in reality, they just needed some kid with one hand. When I heard they needed a kid with one hand I raised my (only) hand and lucked into the part.

In 1978 I started my bowling journey. A good friend of mine named John Pulzato asked me to join a bowling league.  I was 13 years old and really never picked up a bowling ball, but by the time I was 16 I won my first state bowling title. That title earned me a spot in the Coca-Cola Nationals in Washington, D.C., which was my first real trip away from home.

Pro Bowling

By 1986 I bowled in my PBA event, the Tucson Open.  I won a spot as an amateur that year and in 1988 by winning both entry tournaments. (I did not bowl the amateur qualifier in ’87). In 1989 I officially turned pro; that made me the first person born without a hand to join the PBA.

My most enduring memory of bowling happened at the Tucson Open in 1990. I started the 6-game block slow then started to find my line. By the middle of the third game I started to throw the ball well. My fifth game was 259 with the last eight strikes in a row. I started the final game of the block with the first eleven strikes in a row.  Now I have one shot for 300 and 19 strikes in a row total. I thanked God for allowing me to shoot a 300 game in front of my parents who were in the audience. One problem – the game wasn’t over. Overconfident, I let up on my speed and threw a terrible shot, leaving a Greek Church for a 295. A Greek Church is when you go through the nose of the pins and get 5 pins total.

If you haven’t heard the collective moans of a few thousand people rooting for you, including your parents…let’s just say you are lucky. However, I will say that remains the biggest lesson I have ever learned and I think about it to this day.

Present Day

I still have a lot of great memories from my bowling days.  My highest finish in a PBA event was second in the 1989 Merced Open on the Regional Tour, and I have cashed on National Tour. However, I could never secure a full time sponsor to stay on tour. With the lone exception of bowling the US Open on a whim in 2001, I have not bowled since 1992.  I never bowled to be a league bowler; I only aspired to be on tour. With that possibility fading, so did my desire to bowl.

In 2016, I found out I had cancer.  So far, after surgery and radiation, I have been cancer free for over four years. The cancer battle was the toughest thing I ever had to deal with. But just like shooting 295 in front of my parents, these things only serve to make you stronger.

Another fun tidbit is that I created a beer mug called the Two Fisted Drinker (TwoFistedDrinker.com).  It always sounds strange to use the term “invented” when referring to a beer mug.  But I have three patents on the mug, so there’s that. In that business I do it all single-handedly: Design the web site.  Secure product.  Do the books. Design the packaging…I mean EVERYTHING! It’s been a great learning experience. The mug is highly rated on Amazon, and there’s nothing better than knowing something you developed is being given as a gift and creating smiles.

And lastly – the reason for this site – I have started doing standup comedy.  You can see my event calendar here: (Event Calendar). If you come to one of my shows, you absolutely need stop me to say hi. I prefer it to not be in the middle of my set, however. But I’d love to meet you!