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Join me on a very special night, when I will be producing my very first show called “Comedically Challenged”.  This show will feature three comedians that have an interesting perspective on life due to different challenges.

All proceeds after expenses from this show will go to Parkinson’s research. Discount Tire will be matching the funds raised from this event.

Mike Bolland
Mike Bolland was born without a right hand. Despite what others might consider a handicap, Mike has been lucky enough to do some pretty interesting things in his life: Child actor (Danny in “The Trial of Billy Jack”), Professional Bowler and an inventor with three patents.  But it was his latest ‘accomplishment’ as a cancer survivor that pushed Mike to try Stand Up comedy.
“The one thing that cancer helps you realize is that tomorrow is a gift” Mike stated. “If you have always wanted to try something…give it a shot”.
Mike uses his handicap as a source for his comedy.
“I am very comfortable having one hand, and have joked about it for as long as I can remember,” he said.  “I really enjoy bringing that perspective to the stage and getting laughter”. 
Chris Cluff
Chris Cluff began chasing her dream of stand up comedy by taking improv classes. After her first performance and getting that first big laugh, she was hooked.
“I love sharing my stories and trying to BE the person I am talking about,’‘ she said. “The classes I took helped a lot”. 
Chris was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but she is not letting that stop her.
“Hell, I was already older than dirt when I started, I might as well have tremors holding the mic! I actually feel my very best and happy when I am on stage.  So if you see me shaking, I’m not just drunk – I have Parkinson’s disease!”
Rich Prange
Rich Prange is an Emmy award winning television multimedia journalist and news producer who also is a great comic. He was born with a rare disease called Jackson Weiss Syndrome, a deformity that affects the face and head. He has survived nearly 20 reconstructive plastic surgeries since early childhood. Rich sees comedy as a storytelling art form much like music.
“People will say they saw a comedian and it’s the same as they saw in a video. That’s because it’s scripted. It’s like a concert. They aren’t just going off the top of their head. It’s a song they wrote.”
– Rich Prange on comedy performances.


March 8
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Mike Bolland


Comedy Spot
7117 E 3rd Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 United States
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