In 2016 I found out that I had cancer.  Not the type of news you like to hear. But if (and when) I was going to beat it, there were two things I wanted to do in my life after recovery – come out of ‘retirement’ and hit a couple of Pro Bowling events, and try stand up comedy. About a year after my cancer surgery and radiation, I started to feel like myself again. So I hit the lanes and bowled a bit.  But once I hit the stage and tried comedy, I realized I had more passion for giving that my time then going back on tour.  I believe I will hit a tour stop sometime, but right now it’s not my priority.  Comedy is my priority.


This is just a small taste of my comedy.  NEWS FLASH – I poke fun of myself for having one hand.  In a way, I’ve been working on my material my entire life.  I have no problem having one hand, so joking about it is easy for me. I am developing material around two handed people, but I’m not sure how that will go over; if you happen know any of those people, you know how sensitive they can be.


Support is crucial when trying anything new. As any of the comedians I have met in this journey will tell you…it is very stressful to get up in front of a bunch of people you don’t know and try to make them laugh. In my life I have literally conducted presentations in front of billionaires. This is much more stressful.  That is why the support I have is so important.  Family, friends, and the people in the audience I don’t yet know are truly a blessing. It’s been a great ride meeting new people.