Two stories caught my eye this weekend, and they represent opposite sides of the spectrum as far as class. The first one comes courtesy of the Texas Tech / Oklahoma State basketball game on Saturday night. I would think that even if you are not a sports fan you would have heard about the incident, but if not here is a Readers Digest version. Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State raced down the court to defend a fast break by Texas Tech. His momentum from racing down the court took him into the first row of fans. While trying to get up, he heard a Texas Tech fan by the name of Jeff Orr yell at him, calling him a “piece of crap”. Marcus Smart got up and pushed Jeff Orr. A more complete rundown of the incident an be found here: Bleacher Report – Marcus Smart, Jeff Orr. If there is one thing I am tired of, it is “fans” acting like idiots and taking a rooting interest much too far.

The second story comes courtesy of the Bensalem High basketball team and their opponent on Saturday Neshaminy High. During their game, the coach for Bensalem High, John Mullen, inserted the teams four-year team manager into the lineup. The manager, senior Kevin Grow, had been working on his three point shoting during the team’s practices over the last year. He made it pay off by hitting four 3 pointers to send the crowd into a frenzy. And oh by the way, Mr. Kevin Grow has Down syndrome. Please take a moment and watch the video below to see his amazing accomplishment. While you are watching, take note of the cheering being done by members of the Neshaminy team. How much class can one game possess? Enough to loan some to Mr. Jeff Orr and still have plenty left over. Here is the full story over at CBS Sports.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Bensalen vs. Neshaminy basketball game. Thank you for the reminder of what sportsmanship is all about.