Corporate Comedy

My standard corporate comedy set is clean. Depending on your needs, it can run anywhere between five to twenty minutes. I personalize my sets to your organization, which makes it more fun for the audience. Personalizing a set is not as difficult as you may believe, but it does take effort from the people who are organizing the event. When possible, I like to meet with event organizers to get a feel for what is in play and what is not (extremely important!), plus, get any personal stories that are appropriate to share. If local meetings are not possible, I will set up a web meeting to go over the particulars. Please keep in mind that I have right of first refusal as to what my set will cover.

I am not the type of comedian to target an individual or group in what I feel is a derogatory way.  Can I poke fun at people for laughs? Absolutely! But I will not take cheap shots at someone. There are plenty of two handed comedians that will do that for you (see, there’s poking some fun in a non-derogatory way).

If you are interested, I would love to talk to you.  Please see the Contact Mike page to set up a time.

Corporate Events

I am blessed to have a very strong professional career.  Currently, I run Customer Insights and Experience for a billion dollar corporation.  I have also run eCommerce initiatives and Digital Marketing for multi-billion dollar organizations. This experience has given me the chance to speak at very esteemed conferences:  The Center for Services Leadership at the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, the Forrester Customer Experience Council and the InMoment Success Services Summit for example.

On the personal side, I created a business around my patented mug – the Two Fisted Drinker. This mug has been the number one selling beer mug on Amazon at various times in its short existence. To give you an idea of the breath of what I do for my company, here is the short list:

  • Web design. The stack is WordPress running the Avada theme with WooCommerce.
  • Marketing.
  • Patent applications
  • Trademark applications
  • All things related to selling on Amazon and being an official brand
  • Google related – Merchant Center, Analytics, Adwords, etc.
  • Everything single-handedly (just to see if you are still reading).

If you are looking for a speaker with a diverse background who is also ‘diverse’, I would love to hear from you!

Kids Events

I always volunteered to help in my children’s classroom.  But when I did I was always “the Dad with one hand”, which I enjoyed – and is accurate. One day, however, I seemed to be doing more harm than good. All of the children were watching me instead of listening to the teacher. I asked the teacher if I could have a few minutes to let the kids ask me questions. She was very gracious and allowed it. It went very well – so well in fact that I have been asked to come back and address other classes and schools.

The concept is still the same as that first day:

  • I ask the class if they notice anything different about me. Children are great because they are not shy, and hearing “you only have one hand” all at once is pretty entertaining.
  • Second, I ask what they think I can’t do because I have one hand. They say things like tying my shoes, doing push-ups, bouncing a basketball. If I can do what they say I show them exactly how I do it.
  • I then ask how they thought I was treated when I was their age by other children. Generally, they say that they think I was made fun of. I tell them that people tried, but that you can’t fun of something about a person that the person likes about themselves.

It’s very interactive and generally takes between 30 to 40 minutes. Interested?  Please contact me.