Our recent trip to Disneyland was a lot of fun. We got Brianna on a plane for the first time – along with a couple of rides she wouldn’t get near not that long ago, i.e., Tower of Terror.  We walked a lot, talked a lot, rested a lot and ate a lot.  Sabrina and I were able to get on the California Screamin‘ six times, which is a record in the Bolland household. But if there was one thing I noticed more on this trip than I noticed in our previous trips it is that handicapped people (myself excluded) sure do get to wait a lot less for some rides than other people.

First off, let me split out the people who do not need a scooter/cart/wheelchair from those that do.  If your only handicap is not being able to push yourself away from the buffet table, you are not handicapped. Or if you sit all day drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and you suddenly find that you are not fit enough to move your out-of-shape a$$ around, you are not handicapped. If you are fat or lazy – or fat and lazy – real handicapped people will not show you any sympathy. Since I may be waffling on my stance a bit, please be advised that I am one of those handicapped people who could give a you-know-what about your lazy a$$.  Also, here is an ‘oh, by the way’ – I must call bull on all people who ride around in scooters and expect people to part for them like the Red Sea.  I just don’t like it.  But again, please remember I am splitting out the jerks from the people that truly need the help. For people who truly need the assistance of scooters, I feel it is nothing short of amazing how far the technology that enables scooters has come (think batteries, motors, controls) and I am glad they are available.

The girls, having a great time.

My absolute favorite picture of our girls in front of the ‘Cars’ ride

Getting back to my original thought and post title, regardless of anyone’s handicapped they should not get ‘cuts’. I say that knowing there are exceptions, but they should be only in extreme circumstances.  Like a terminally ill person – especially a child.  Heck, if you know someone in this situation, let me know and I will pay for their adventure to Disneyland.  But that would be the only type of situation in my mind that would allow for cuts. Other than that, I feel allowing people in scooters to go right to the front of the line is just plain wrong. Any handicapped person with pride in how they are will agree with me 100%.

Sabrina getting ready to get on the Grizzly River Run

Sabrina, always prepared, getting ready to get on the Grizzly River Run

One final thought on our trip.  The first two days of our visit coincided with ‘Gay Days 2013’ at Disneyland.  Everyone who was there to support Gay Days wore a red  shirt during their park visit. I liked the idea so much, I decided that my visit represented  ‘One Hand Days’ at the park.  Since I had a white shirt on, I told my girls that white shirts represented support for people missing a hand.  Just like any other time, One Hand Days was completely outnumbered by everything and everybody at the park including Gay Days.  But most of the people representing Gay Days were very nice people – I will stress ‘most’  – and I hope I represented One Hand Days just as well as they did. : )