New year…new direction on the blog. I’ll keep some of the old posts up, but moving forward I will be dedicating this blog to my passion – bringing a product to market with a boot-strap mentality. Without some background on why I can or should talk about this, you should ask why I can write about this.  Well, here it goes:

I have invented a product (The Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug) that, depending on your definition, can be considered successful.  In bringing this product to market, I had to figure out how to get it produced and where.  I had to learn how to be an importer.  I had to navigate  Intellectual Properties by acquiring two utility patents, one design patent, and five trademarks. I had to come up with the product name and make sure that the domains for the names were still available (not to mention the Social properties). I had to develop the product web site and make it a fully functioning eCommerce site.  I had to learn about GTINs, UPCs and ASINs. I had to develop retail packaging.  I had to get my brand listed with the Amazon Brand Registry.  I had to learn what the heck was Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). I had to find a good software solution to help me with my books.

I can probably keep going with that paragraph, but that’s what this blog will be about.  In particular, how to do all the above by yourself in a very inexpensive and creative way.  I will let you know what worked for me, what did not and some of the mistakes I made…and will continue to make.  Regardless of the outcome, being entrepreneurial is invigorating and the best learning experience you can ever have.

If you get stuck in any of these areas, reach out to me and I will try to help.  I am also available for hire in any or all of the areas I will talk about.