About Mike Bolland

In 2016 I found out that I had cancer. Not the type of news you like to hear. But if (and when) I was going to beat it, there were two things I wanted to do in my life after recovery – come out of ‘retirement’ and hit a couple of Pro Bowling events, and try stand up comedy. About a year after my cancer surgery and radiation, I started to feel like myself again. So I hit the lanes and bowled a bit. But once I hit the stage and tried comedy, I realized I had more passion for giving that my time then going back on tour. I believe I will hit a tour stop sometime, but right now it’s not my priority. Comedy is my priority.

5 Great One-Punch Knock Outs

After I realized Juan Manuel Marquez didn't seriously harm (or kill) Manny Pacquiao in their fight last December, I started to think about where the knockout I witnessed belongs in boxing history. For absolute fear of what I thought I just wached, there are not any KO's that compare.  But being a boxing fan, I thought [...]

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I want to get in the Octagon with Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius has been granted to the right to compete in the Summer Olympics this year. For many, this is seen as victory for people that are missing body parts.  As someone who fits that description, I beg to differ. Before I get to my main point, I feel I should describe what my feelings [...]

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Vendors – Why is it ‘Us against Them?’

Leading an E Business team for as long as I have, you get the opportunity to connect with a lot of nice people at some great organizations. At times you even follow your connections to new organizations if they move on to another company. But for every great connection there are probably 20 that simply [...]

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